Brother John Paige
Sister LaShell Wingfield

About Innovation and Technology

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology is all that we do as a congregation to engage the senses through the use of multi-media technology and in our worship. Through this ministry we seek to create a dynamic experience in worship through the effective use of audio, video, lighting, and the latest advances in music technology.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology provides the platform for the church to engage the culture through the use of Social Media portals of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. The Ministry of Innovation and Technology utilizes social and communal blogs as a means for reaching the larger community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this ministry we develop, update, and fully operate our website and media pages, two of the most important outreach and informational tools. The Media ministry of Second Calvary Baptist church encompasses the operation of the Sound board, the camera, the lighting, and the screens on Sunday mornings. The media ministry also has the task of organizing and recording video announcements, recording the service, and ensuring that all attendees have a good worship experience when it comes to the audio and visual aspect of the service.

Biblical References: Isaiah 43:18-20; Mark 1:15-17; 2:22; Luke 4:18-21

Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Brother John R. Paige, Co-Elder (757) 793-0146
Sis. LaShell Wingfield, Co-Elder (757) 319-5840

Core Ministry Leadership Team
  • Rev. James Crump
  • Deacon Charles Jordan
  • Sister Jennifer Lee
  • Sister Erin Massey
  • Trustee John Norfleet
Media Ministry Team
  • Elder John Paige, Team Lead
  • Brother Anthony Cuffee
  • Brother Randy Daniel
  • Sister Alex Fleming
  • Brother DiAndre Fletcher
  • Sister Samara Hailey
  • Brother Derrick Vernon