The Ministry of Praise and Worship is all that we do as a congregation to create a dynamic and transforming experience of God’s wonderful presence every time we gather as a community of faith. Praise and Worship is the foundational function of the church. Through this Ministry, God’s people are edified, encouraged, and empowered for holy living. The Ministry of Praise and Worship includes everything that we do to glorify God through the witness of our church’s ministry, our daily lives, personal testimonies, music, songs, dance, drama, and expressive and demonstrative acts of
praise. It is God’s people celebrating God’s love and grace as a gathered community of faith.

Biblical References: Exodus 15:1, 35:1-9; 2 Samuel 6:12-19; 1 Chronicles 16:7-36; Nehemiah 8:5-6; Psalm 95:1-7, 100; Acts 3:1-9; Ephesians 5:19; Revelation 7:9-17

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Ministry of Praise and Worship
Brother Willie A. Paige, Jr., Elder (757) 685-1510

The Ministry of Praise and Worship goals are:
    • to lead the congregation in praise (thanking God for what He has done) and worship (affirming Who He is and our relationship to Him)
    • to submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and Senior Pastor in the worship service; and
    • to develop and train others for service in this ministry.


  • Willie. A. Paige, Jr. Elder
  • Dr. Paul Adams
  • Dr. Ruby Allen
  • Rodjane Bailey
  • Tanya Kearney, Trustee
  • Kamron Blue
  • William Bynum
  • Robin Charles
  • Nicole Guns
  • Dr. W. Anthony Hailey
  • Donna James, Recording Secretary
  • Geoffrey McNair
  • Leonard Pace
  • Deacon Howard Alston
  • Deaconess Kimberly Davis
  • LeVaughn Taylor, Corresponding Secretary
  • Meghan White
  • Davina Williams, Marketing
This choir is open to children and youth beginning at age 3 -4 (based on child’s maturity). Davina Williams, Director
This is an adult choir and youth are welcomed to join. You do not have to read music to join. Kamron Blue, Director
This ministry is open to all ages. Dances include various styles inclusive of liturgical, hip hop, contemporary, and modern. Meghan White, Director
Dramatizations include skits, monologues, plays, recitations. This ministry is open to all ages. William Bynum, Director

This choir is open to men only. There is no age requirement. All are encouraged to join Geoffrey McNair, Director

This Academy is to train a generation of musicians who will be able to lead and serve in the Ministry of Praise and Worship. The program is designed to provide weekly training in voice, piano, guitar, saxophone, and steel drum primarily to members of Second Calvary. The Music Academy is also responsible for developing and encouraging those gifted students in creating new music that can be used in our worship services.
Dr. Ruby Allen, Director

Members must be able to play proficiently. Auditions are required. Willie A. Paige Jr. Music Director

Members must be able to lead and sing with a group skillfully. Auditions are required. Reverend Nicole Guns, Director/Psalmist

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ministry of Praise and Worship, please contact or text Willie A. Paige at (757) 685-1510 or by email praise@secondcalvary.org