About Services and Helps

The Ministry of Services and Helps includes all that we do as a congregation to ensure that the church operates efficiently and effectively in the areas of church administration, volunteer recruitment and project management.

It is through the employment of the spiritual gifts of administration and helps that the church is organized and structured for efficient use of its resources, which include the people of God, physical plant facilities and financial resources. This one ministry provides the infrastructure to support the overall mission and ministry objectives of the church. This ministry is our witness as a congregation that God has called us to responsible and accountable stewardship.

Biblical References: Genesis 41; Exodus 17:11-13; Numbers 3:32; 4:16; 2 Kings 3:11; 22:9; Ezra 1:6; 5:1-2; 1 Chronicles 9:29; 2 Chronicles 31:13; 34:13; Nehemiah 11:16; 1 Corinthians 12:28; Philippians 4:16

Ministry of Services and Helps
Sis. Sheryl R. Smalls, Co-Elder (757) 647-0623
Sis. Shante C. Swindell, Co-Elder (757) 352-8809


The Ministry of Services and Helps sustains, provides and allows the ministry and vision God has given our Pastor to proceed in a proper and orderly manner.

Acts 6:2-7 is the narrative of the beginning of the ministry of helps in the New Testament. The ministry of waiting tables set the Apostles free to do the work of the Gospel and was the beginning of bringing order to the church. This is one of the foundational Scriptures, which demonstrates this ministry in the New Testament Church.


The Ministry of Services and Helps:

  • Is instituted by the Holy Spirit
  • Ensures order and efficiency
  • Provides a controlled flow to meet needs
  • Liberates our Pastor to follow God
  • Sets an example for others to follow
  • Provides a training ground for ministry
  • Supplies the needs to the Body
  • Demonstrates the love of God at work within the Body
  • Demonstrates God’s love to the world.

“….Let all things be done properly and in an orderly manner.” 1 Corinthians 14:40

Core Ministry Leadership Team
  • Sister Shinese Collins, Public Relations
  • Sister Shelia Fleming-Harrison
  • Deacon Booker Murphy
  • Sister Nadine Roundtree
  • Deacon Ozell Smith
  • Deaconess Mary Summerville
  • Sister Thomasine Waheed
  • Sister D’Angela Weaver, Secretary
  • Deacon Leon White, Leadership Team Coordinator
  • Sister Shirleigh Wood

If you are interested in serving on any Services & Helps ministry teams contact Elder Sheryl R. Smalls, (757) 647-0623 or Elder Shante C. J Swindell, (757) 352-8809, or send an email to Ministry job descriptions will be provided upon request.


Service to others is how we serve God. SCBC offers many ways to offer your time and talents to serving in our church, in the community and to God.

Ministry Leader: Sister Dana Joyner

The Administration Ministry is a team of servant leaders who are committed to managing the business affairs of the church with accuracy and integrity and to oversee the resources of our facilities as good stewards committed to provide the best for the many ministries of SCBC in order that we might “Glorify God by Following the Jesus Way!”

Ministry Leader: Brother Kenneth Davis

This Ministry is quite often undervalued and overlooked, however if it isn’t looked after it soon becomes very visible. It is far more meaningful than just the general appearance of the building. It becomes another way for us to shine our Light. SCBC is a blessing to us, not only for us as a congregation to meet in, but to also be available for our community to enjoy, it can become a tool for creating opportunity for Christ to be known through us. The way we take care of it, can speak of who we are as Believers. Caring for it, as more than just a duty happens when you
begin to see that value. The building then becomes more than just walls, windows, and such…

Ministry Leader: Deacon John Smaw

The Parking Ministry exists to make SCBC a more convenient place for our congregants and visitors to worship God and fellowship with one another. Making sure people are parking in designated parking areas and legally parking their vehicles.

Ministry Leader: Rev. Timothy Jones

The SCBC Safety and Security Ministry is dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure environment for all worship services, ministry programs, activities and events held at and by SCBC. This ministry’s mission is to develop security measures, evacuation policies, procedures and
training for all SCBC facilities and offsite facilities where any SCBC ministries, programs, activities and events are held. The ministry trains
staff, church members, ministry leaders, volunteers and guests on how to implement these policies during any emergency at SCBC.

Ministry Leader: Deaconess Nannie Carter
Annual Church Picnic/Recreation Leader: Brother Keith Hubbard

Though we serve food, our main ministry is serving people. The Food Services Ministry supports the various other ministries throughout SCBC by displaying a hunger for God and a craving to serve people in a Christian hospitable environment. Christian fellowship is a vital part of the ministry at SCBC.

Ministry Leader: Sister Shirleigh Wood

In conjunction with the Parking Ministry, the Greeters Ministry is the first impression visitors get of our church. This ministry team has a
the unique opportunity each Sunday, and whenever the doors of the church are open, to express God’s love by setting the tone of the upcoming worship service for those visiting our church and our church members.

Ministry Leader: Sister Diane Bryant, Deaconess Sarah Scarbor

The Decorating Ministry helps to create a warm and inviting church atmosphere by offering their time, talent, and treasure to beautify the House of the Lord. They strive to make the liturgical seasons and Christian holidays come alive through the visual aids of color and design.

The Floral Ministry beautifies the sanctuary by ensuring flowers are present on the altar for Sunday services and other occasions throughout the year.

Ministry Leader: Elder Sheryl Smalls

Pastor’s Aide Ministry provides and/or assists the pastor with whatever he needs or requests to carry out God’s mission of shepherding His people. The ministry also supports Pastor spiritually, and emotionally, through a variety of activities and services that enhance the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry spearheads the church’s efforts in celebrating the pastor’s anniversary, birthday, and other special
ccasions. Overall, the Pastor’s Aide Ministry extends spiritual care to the “angel” God sent to SCBC.

Ministry Leader: Elder Sheryl R. Smalls

The purpose of the Wedding Coordination Ministry is to be the liaison between SCBC and the couples preparing to have their wedding ceremony here at SCBC. The ministry coordinates the wedding, assists, and consults the bride and groom with information and vendor choices to help make their day wonderful.

Ministry Leaders: Deacon Booker Murphy, Head Usher
Brother Ozell Smith, Asst Head Usher

The usher’s primary purpose is to SERVE. The cornerstone of ushering is COMMITMENT. Our goal is to exemplify Christ and our church through our service. The ministry of ushering is one of welcoming and caring for the congregation. The duties of the usher are simple but important. They include welcoming the members of the congregation, assisting in seating, collecting and presenting the offerings, helping in emergencies involving safety, and assisting in the service upon request.

Ministry Leader: Sister Alesha Ray

The scriptures tell us our bodies “are the temple of the Holy Spirit.” As such, we believe we have a mandate from God to nurture healthy bodies. The Health and Wellness Ministry takes a proactive role in educating our church family on diet, diseases, prevention and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to help everyone take care of their bodies so they can be of maximum service to the Lord.

Ministry Leader: Trustee Joseph Summerville

As part of our outreach ministry, transportation is provided to persons who need assistance getting to church. We regularly provide transportation to Sunday school and 10:00 a.m. worship service as well as our Mid-Week Bible Study. Members of this ministry also provide a valuable service, supplying transportation to and for church wide activities and outings for other ministries. This ministry has been vital in enabling many persons to come to worship and to find Christ.

Ministry Leader: Elder Shante Swindell

As a part of our outreach ministry, the Angel Tree Ministry Team reaches out to the children of prisoners, and their families and the SCBC community, helping to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through Christ by providing Christmas gifts to their children. We
provide spiritual support to those caregivers who are taking care of the children of those incarcerated. Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus
Christ to both the children and caregivers, and to emphasize that the greatest gift they can ever receive is Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leader:  Sister Thomasine Waheed

The Guest Services Ministry Team’s primary purpose is to make personal connections, create a welcoming worship environment, and to follow-up with all persons who register as guests at our church. We seek to turn every first-time visitor into a fully engaged member of Second Calvary Baptist Church. We want each guest to feel like a VIP. No one neglected, everyone connected. We believe we will get there by creating welcoming spaces, making intentional connections, and impacting our guests with the “WOW!” factor during their time with us.