About Social Justice

Purpose: Through the social ministries of the church we seek to live out a clear biblical mandate for “biblical righteousness and justice.” We seek to be a living witness of God’s grace and love for all humanity.

Mission: The ministry is devoted to serving as the congregation’s voice in the areas of social justice, social concern, social change and social ministry. Through this ministry we seek to be visibly present in the community where we are planted. It is our means for serving as God’s agent of social transformation


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Ministry of Social Justice
Sister Michele Wright, Co-Elder (757) 235-2808
Sister Rasheedah Taylor, Co-Elder (757) 672-0389

Key responsibilities
  • Be a member of the church.
  • Be active in the congregation’s life and give evidence of seeking to grow in their own understanding and practice of the Christian life. Such evidence should include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Conduct of one’s life in light of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    • Promotion of good will and Christian fellowship in the congregation and community.
    • Regular attendance at worship services and stated meetings of the congregation.
    • Regular and faithful contributions to the support of the congregation and its outreach programs.
    • Be willing to serve as the congregation’s voice in the areas of social justice, social concern, social change, and social ministry
    • Be available on the third Tuesday of each month for meetings
    • Willingness to fulfill assignments on behalf of the ministry.
    • Demonstrated gifts and skills or evident potential in carrying out the responsibilities and mission of the ministry.


Contact persons: Michele Wright 757.235.2808 and Rasheedah Taylor 757.672.0389