Covid-19 Protocol Updates

The continuing spread of the Delta Variant has led us to update our Covid-19 protocols to ensure that our members and guests can worship without fear of contracting the virus that causes covid. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who comes to Second Calvary Baptist Church is safe. We have had no Covid-19 outbreaks and we want to ensure that we do not have any going forward. Effective Sunday, August 29, 2021 the following will be implemented.

1. Everyone attending worship will be required to sign in. We will need your name and phone number.

2. If you have been vaccinated you can show your authorized CDC Vaccination Card and you will not have to sign in. You will be permitted to attend if you have received, at least one dose and you have your vaccination card as proof.

3. Masks will be required to be worn upon entering the building and throughout the worship service even if you are fully vaccinated.

4. If you have not been vaccinated we strongly encourage you to do so without delay. Members of Second Calvary Baptist Church are asked to report their updated vaccination status to Elder Sheryl Smalls at