About Second Calvary Baptist ChurchA community church with a global vision


Our vision is to be a congregation that lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and who is intentional about the work of missions and ministry.


We are “a community church with a global vision.”


The core spiritual values of Second Calvary are our church’s guiding principles that help us in our decision-making and day-to-day operations. They are the primary biblical and theological motivators for the development and implementation of the church’s ministry model. These are the values, ideas and principles that are important in the life of the congregation. They are grounded in Scripture, which gives them strength and longevity. These are the Core Spiritual Values that are at the center of the ministry and spiritual life of Second Calvary Baptist Church.

Pastor and First Lady Guns Leading with excellence while following God’s holy word.

New Pastor Guns Image

Dr. Geoffrey Van Guns

Senior Pastor

Rosettta Guns

Mrs. Rosetta Guns

First Lady
Reverend Dr. Geoffrey V. Guns, Senior Pastor
Deaconess Rosetta H. Guns, First Lady
Deacon Charles Jordan, Chairman, Deacon Ministry
Deaconess Kimberly Davis, President, Deaconess Ministry
Trustee John Norfleet, Chairman, Trustee Ministry
Trustee Philip Brooks, Executive Administrator
Sister Jocquelyn Chapman, Church Clerk/Accounting Asst.
Deaconess Wilhelmenia Smaw, Church Treasurer
Sister Dana Joyner, Church Administrative Assistant
Reverend Gloria Williams, Church Accountant
Pastor’s Secretary, Vacant
Deacon Charles Jordan, Chairman
Deacon Charles Leon White Co-Chairman
Deacon Charles Barnes
Deacon Nathaniel Parker
Deacon Horace Spady
Deacon John Smaw
Deacon Joseph Torian
Deacon Tyrone Walker
Deacon Danny Miller



Deacon William Parker 
Deacon Howard Alston
Deacon Booker Murphy
Deacon Randy Daniel
Deacon Ozell Smith
Deacon Clarence Oliver
Deacon Anthony Williams
Deacon Paul Bennett
Deacon Randall Collins
DeaconTarance Majette
Deacon Ernest Taylor
Deaconess Kimberly Davis, President
Deaconess Bantha Alston, Vice President
Deaconess Kimberly Davis
Deaconess Rosetta H. Guns
Reverend Chandrea Jordan
Deaconess Angela Miller
Deaconess Beatrice Payton
Deaconess Sarah Scarbor
Deaconess Wilhelmenia Smaw
Deaconess Sandra Spellman
Deaconess Mary Summerville (Emeritus)
Deaconess Audria Torian
Deaconess Mary Wilson
Deaconess Zueleanor Sessoms (Emeritus)

Deaconesses In Training

Deaconess  Talitha Parker
Deaconess DeLydia Williams
Deaconess Nannie Carter
Deaconess Yolanda Matthews
Deaconess Debbie Boney
Deaconess Shinese Collins
Deaconess  Demetria Majette
Deaconess Denize Daniel
Deaconess  Michele Wright
Trustee John Norfleet, Chairman
Trustee Joseph Summerville, Co-Chairman
Trustee Cora Bridgers
Trustee Phillip Brooks
Trustee Bobby Buck
Trustee Donald Dawson
Trustee Debra Flores
Trustee Barbara Fornville
Trustee Hiram Holton
Trustee Ingrid King
Trustee Tanya Kearney
Trustee John Norfleet
Trustee Claudette Overton
Trustee Haywood Porter

Trustees In Training

John Paige
Kyle Bullard
Reverend Dr. Frank Guns, Sr., Senior Stateman
Reverend David Charles
Reverend Dr. Mary Colden
Reverend James Crump, Sr.
Reverend Joycelyn Crump
Reverend Ronald Godsey
Reverend Robert Goodrum
Reverend Nicole Guns
Reverend Roma Hall
Reverend Dr. Veronica Haynes
Reverend Chandrea Jordan
Reverend Regina Mitchell
Reverend James Prioleau
Reverend Leslie Rainey
Reverend Jamal Reid
Reverend Leray Smedley
Reverend Betty B. J. Stancel
Reverend John Stratton
Reverend Stanley Taylor
Reverend Weldon Thompson
Reverend Kenyetta Veal
Reverend Barbara White
Reverend Joseph Wright
Our Core Values

We believe…

…that the Word of God is the center of our preaching and teaching. The Bible is the standard by which we measure our worship and service to God. The Bible is the primary source regarding what God wants the church to be, become and do.

We believe…

…that the church must be actively engaged in the work of ministry and mission (local and abroad). The church must be culturally relevant and sensitive to the needs of those it ministers. The church operates beyond geographic, social, cultural and ethnic boundaries.

We believe…

…the church must have leaders who are Spirit-filled, committed, well trained, biblically qualified and led by the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, leaders must be open to the authority of the Scriptures, Senior Pastor and other spiritual leaders ordained by God\’s Word.

We believe…

….that the central purpose of the church is to be on mission for Jesus Christ. Thus, as members of the body of Christ we are committed to spreading the Gospel to the ends of the Earth using all resources available to us.

We believe…

…that the local congregation is the visible manifestation of the ”body of Christ” in the world. All members, with various spiritual gifts are equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit, must be sent out to exercise their spiritual gift for the work of ministry.

We believe…

…that families, children and youth are important to the life of the church. Therefore, people and resources must be dedicated to helping them grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, empowering them to reach their full God-given potential in the Kingdom.